Your Lie In April




A professoinal pianist who can no longer play the piano out of anxiety and a violinist who wants the pianist to return to the stage. Mix that with a bit of romance, a small amount of drama, an outstanding opening and an amazing ending and you have my favourite animé. Now, I don't want to say any more than that mainly because that's the basis of the entire show and saying much more will be spoiling it, but also because the show is, at least, in my opinion, so amazing that you'll be encapsulated by it when going into it with only that small amount of knowledge. 


You should watch this. i wasn't very into music when I watched this animé, and it inspired me to learn to play the piano. I'm not joking when I say that. I watched this animé and thought that the soundtrack was so beautiful that I wanted to learn how to play it myself. This show had such an impact on me, so it will definitely leave a mark on you, most likely no matter what animé you usually watch.


10/10. For an animé to inspire me to pick-up music, it's done something incredibly correct. That should be enough to convince you to watch it and, if it isn't, just trust me. Watch it. 

Analysis/My thoughts (Spoilers included)

So, I'm not going to go in-depth about a lot of this show. I only have praise for it, really, and most of that probably won't amount to anything more than "it's amazing, I love it," because I'm simply in awe of it. The only thing which I might want to criticise is that, to me, with her introduction, Hiroko seemed a little too close with Kōsei, but that doesn't amount to anything, isn't intended and, therefore, doesn't deserve anything more than a tiny mention.

The whole plot with Kaori is dealt with incredibly, I think. We're given tiny snippets so that we can see that something's wrong and so that we can start worrying before we're distracted by Kōsei's next performance. It's quite elequent because we're distracted and then reminded that something's wrong without being told exactly what. That only makes the later explanation more impactful, in my opinion.

The performances are incredibly elegant, drawn beautifully, and the pieces which have been chosen to feature in them are incredibly fitting for the time when the performances take place, usually something more elegant and emotional when you're supposed to feel emotional, and something impressive when you're supposed to feel like a member of the audience, simply in awe, reminded of the talent of the characters. I cried when watching Kōsei's final performance, as I'm sure did the rest of the world's population who've seen this show, and not a lot of animé can make me cry very easily.

And that's all that I can even think to discuss. I'm simply so entranced by this animé that I can't even begin to break-it-down in my head. Whenever I think of it, I think of the opening song, the emotions which I felt and the ending. I can barely remember half of it, which is good because that'll allow for me to watch it for a third time. Speaking of rewatching things, this is one of only two animé that I've rewatched in my life. Seriously. I usually don't like rewatching shows because I know what's going to happen. Even if I haven't seen a show in years, I probably won't rewatch it. But this is an exception, which probably says more than I'm capable of doing after hours of trying to type the perfect explanation of my feelings towards it.


Watch it. If you've watched it already, re-watch it. I don't think I'm going to go for very long before I watch this animé for a third time because I love it so much. It's left a big impact on me. I don't think that I'd be making music if it wasn't for this animé, or, if I would be, it would only be because of something else having left a giant impact on me. But it was Your Lie In April which gave me that part of me. Maybe the show will give you something, too.

Your Lie In April