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I'm a young (16), British author, narrator, and musician called James Butler. I'm very aspirational and probably too hard-working for my own good. I hope to expand into even more avenues eventually, who knows which, but I probably- definitely- will. This website is like a hub for all of my work alongside extra little things which I think may interest you (an "about me"section, blogs written by me about titles in certain avenues of media which I'm interested in, along with anything else which is added in the future.) Everything can be accessed here in an easy-to-understand format so that you won't get lost, but, in case you do, there's a navigation pane in the top, right corner. Have fun exploring!


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Welcome To The Truth is the first thing which I've released- I would say professionally, but I've self-released everything which I've done so far. I think that it's pretty easy to see that it was the first given how terrifyingly hideous the album art is and, I'll be honest, the music contained within the EP isn't much better in quality. I released it as a way to test the waters. I wanted to know what my strengths and weaknesses were when it came to music, and I quickly found what I needed to improve the most: my mixing and my singing. It didn't take me very long to see what I needed to improve, something which makes me very glad that I released the EP as, otherwise, the entire Golden Night album which these songs are taken from could have simply become a 40+ minute-long version of this. Though, despite how much I hate it, I won't take it down. It shows my growth, and I think that it's nice for people to see the evolution.

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Aside from my YouTube channel where I host my music, I have another channel where I post whatever I want, when I want, though I'll always make an effort to make every video at least somehwat interesting and comical. Check it out! 

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In these, I'll discuss games I've played, animé I've watched, books I've read and possibly other things in the future? I think that it'll be interesting to the people who'd like to know what I think about entries in these mediums, and I think that it'll be fun to be able to share my opinions on specific releases and to possibly hear what you all think, too! :)

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